Continuous Improvement

Utilizing and implementing Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to analyze and assess the process at hand & offering creative problem solving solutions while driving continuous improvement, efficiency metrics, cost reduction, and workflow optimization.

Working side-by-side (in person or virtually) with your team at the point of impact. We work at the ground level with the people who operate your business every day to put solution frameworks into place, remove roadblocks, instill techniques, behaviors, and process rigor, and embed resources as needed to immediately start moving the needle on business performance and results.

At Cameron Consultants, we begin with deep-dive diagnostics to identify your biggest opportunities, followed by rapid assessment and an implementation plan to improve performance to realize full business potential.

We’ll dive into asking the right questions for quickly sizing up your challenges and pinpointing any weak links in your operational capabilities.

Using your input and strategic plans, coupled with in-depth assessments across six critical performance dimensions, we will lead initiatives to qualify, quantify, and prioritize your greatest improvement opportunities.

Diagnostic Assessment Areas:
  • Leadership: Commitment to change, technical capabilities, culture, talent management, succession planning, and risk
  • Asset Condition: TPM, work order management, MRO process, facility condition
  • Lean Maturity: 5S, flow, work cells, pull system, CI organization
  • Management System: Tracking, measurement and progress rigor, workforce empowerment, visual management, problem-solving, goal deployment
  • Sales and Operations Planning: Production planning and scheduling, order to delivery, supplier integration, risk of disruption
  • Quality: Management system, specification management, problem-solving documentation